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      Our commitment to smart efficient growth has established the ground work for our core values of integrity, honesty and quality in everything that we do. 

      Founded in 2007 as a full service HSE consultancy, JADA Solutions believes that educating industry is vital for companies looking to achieve a total worker health culture in their organization. With service offerings covering the gambit of the Health, Safety and Environmental industry, JADA is dedicated to helping you beyond your project needs into the future. 


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      In most cases, when you are collecting a sample that needs to be interpreted for Human Health you will need to retain an organization that has a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) or Registered Occupational Hygienist (ROH) on board reviewing the scope of work, the work that is being conducted as well as signing off on the final report.

      A Walk-through helps us to understand your operation and how you have laid out the tasks. This will help us to identify the best way to collect samples to better meet your goals.  It, at times, has also helped us identify issues that need to be resolved prior to any sampling being conducted.  In some cases, resolving these issues has resolved the goal.

      HSE consulting costs will vary depending on end goal, quantity of samples, schedules and number of tasks being performed. Let us do a complimentary walkthrough, understand the issues and concerns as well as end goals to put together an accurate budget.

      Our HSE consulting staff, in some cases, have a better understanding of the issues/concerns as they are dealing with them on a day to day basis. As well, staff that better understand the situation, can in most cases,  identify solutions. Our consulting staff are well-educated in HSE concerns, take pride in solving them and ensure they do not rise to the level of near misses or accidents/incidents.  With all that being said it is Legislated as well.

      No not in all cases. If less than 10% of the building occupants are concerned about the building air then it is less likely a building issue and more likely an individual sensitivity issue.

      An assessment can still be completed but the focus can be shifted to focus on the staff concerns as opposed to building conditions.

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      Bringing to the table win-win solutions to ensure total worker health at the end of the day, and into the future.

      • Diverse solutions for multiple industries and businesses
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