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JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc.’s environmental team offers a variety of environmental consulting services, that include tailored approaches to your business’s individual needs. 

Our solutions are not one size fits all.

Examples of Services Provided

The National Pollutant Release Inventory is an online government database available for the public that records pollutant releases within Canada. The mission of this program is to provide open data on the environmental impacts to our land, air and water. Businesses that are required to report, must report their purchases, disposals, transfers, and releases of a specified list of substances. Requirements to report are based on the activities that take place at the facility, total number of hours worked, and the substances manufactured, processed, used, and released to the environment.

Requirements for reporting: 

  • Wood preservation activity 
  • Fuel terminal operations activity  
  • Pit or quarry operations activity  
  • Municipal wastewater and or treatment activity  
  • More than 20,000 hours a year, about 10 full time workers 
  • Manufacture, process, otherwise use, or release one or more of the NPRI substances. Such as Xylene, Lead, Benzene, Isopropyl alcohol, Hexane, and Naphthalene, etc.  

Assessing environmental risk at a facility or business is important in determining the extent of risk to any current or future building occupants, the environment on the subject property, as well as adjacent lands. Assessing the environmental risk on a subject property can be beneficial in limiting or eliminating environmental releases and concerns before they happen. Our team at JADA Solutions will break down and dig deeper into the likelihood, nature and magnitude of possible environmental risks that your business or facility may face at some point.

A waste audit aims to ensure that your business or facility is managing its waste and waste streams to the best of its ability. A waste audit with JADA Solutions allows our team to work with your business to evaluate and enhance the environmental stewardship that is carried out daily, monthly, and annually. Our goal is to work with your team to ensure the best waste practices are carried out pertaining to the specific waste stream that your business contributes to.

Compliance auditing with JADA Solutions will help to ensure that your business and facility is meeting the environmental guidelines and legislation that are relevant depending on the activities taking place and the nature of your business. Our team can assist you in determining the specifics of the appropriate guidelines and legislation and help with interpretation.

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