When development and changes occur to the land through changes in land use, property ownership, or unintentional misuse from the land’s historical uses, environmental site assessments can be essential tools required to understand and manage the land in a responsible and necessary way. 

Our ethically regulated Agrologist(s) in Training and Professional Agrologist(s) work to produce honest, transparent results in a timely manner.

  • A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment consists of a desktop review of historical site uses, conditions and activities that take place on a subject property. Our team will conduct interviews with knowledgeable landowners and/or tenants, and an in-person site visit to determine the presence of any environmental risks on the property or to adjacent properties.  
  • A Phase II Environmental Site Assessments is conducted if the possibility of subsurface risks and potential contamination were identified during the Phase 1 ESA; delineation of the potential area of concern on the property will take place, and drilling/soil sampling will occur to determine the actual presence, risk and extent of the contamination on the subject property. If presence of contamination is identified, in depth delineation and mapping of the affected area will be conducted to establish and recommend the extent of remediation required. 
  • A Phase III Environmental Site Assessment is conducted if a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment has determined the presence of contamination on a subject property. The Phase III ESA involves the creation of a site-specific remediation plan tailored to the most effective and efficient method of remediation for the specific subject property. 
  • Limited Assessments are useful for site specific assessments and client needs when a full Phase I or II Environmental Assessment is not deemed necessary for differing reasons. 
Search Parameters for Phase I ESA
Fire Insurance Plans
Groundwater Well Mapping
National Pollutant Release Inventory Release Database (NPRI)
Aerial Photographs
Applicable Provincial or Municipal Archives
Government FOIP and Scientific Disclosure Documentation
Land Titles
Environmental Site Assessment Repository (ESARs)
Wellsite and Underground Utility Information
Petroleum Storage Tank Database
Environmental Compliance Searches
Landfill Searches
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