The Utilities industry refers to a category of businesses that provide the basic amenities, such as water, sewage, electricity, and natural gas. Utilities are typically part of a public service but also use support services and independent contractors to deliver maintenance, install and delivery.

Examples of Businesses in This Industry
Common Services Used by this Industry

Anything and everything to do with Asbestos and Hazardous Materials in construction and building materials. JADA offers a full range of Hazardous Materials Consulting from Survey to Specification Development to Abatement Air Monitoring.

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Worker Exposure is a conversation that has wide scope. Exposures in the workplace can range from Noise to Fume to Particulate. Any worker exposure is legislated to be addressed by the employer and each exposure has a unique approach to understand and mitigate. With the offering of no-cost walk-throughs we can create a custom sampling program to get to the route of the problem and mitigate risk to worker health.  

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Like all bussineses, land and facility owners are not exempt from having a safety program that adheres to the legislative requirements. These programs and documents are built with written policies and procedures that form a basis for your total worker health platform. From “Violence and Harassment in the Workplace” to “Joint Health and Safety Committee Procedures” JADA can help to create the documentation and implement the systems to help your business reach a Total Worker Health culture. 

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