JADA Solutions offers competent, impartial, and reliable asbestos testing services through our in-house lab. We can provide sample analysis results in a timely manner in order to ensure you meet your project deadlines.

Participation in quarterly proficiency testing ensures accuracy of our equipment and that our laboratory technicians’ abilities are kept up-to-date and our results are reliable and accurate.

We specialize in asbestos bulk and air sample analysis and are certified to be proficient through CALA and BAPAT third-party certification services. Our Asbestos Testing laboratory is staffed by our qualified laboratory technician who is also versed in sample collection in the field, having the experience and familiarity of the entire process of sampling.

We offer a quick turn-around and have quick response times!

Asbestos Testing
View of Asbestos through our Lab microscope!
Did you know there are three very common types of asbestos commonly found in building materials prior to the 1990’s?
They are...

White Asbestos

Brown Asbestos

Blue Asbestos

Common places to find asbestos include floor tile, floor leveling compound, drywall joint compound, stucco siding, and ceiling tiles.

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