Industrial Hygiene

JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. offers a wide variety of industrial hygiene services, such as indoor air quality and worker exposure assessments.  These services may be required due to OHS orders, staff concerns, legislative compliance or as part of a total worker health program. 

Our reports will summarize complex data and issues into streamlined conclusions and solutions that work for your business.

Worker Exposure

Workers can be exposed to a wide variety of contaminates in the workplace that fall into the following Categories: 

  • Physical
    • Noise, Vibration, Physical Demands, Workstation/Workflow Design and more 
  • Biological
    • Mold, bacteria, viruses and more 
  • Chemical
    • Isocyanates, BTEX, Weld Fumes, Lead, Silica and more 
  • Psychosocial
    • Culture Audits, harassment and violence in the workplace programs, return to work programs, work scheduling optimization and more

We stand behind our reports. We guarantee they will satisfy legislative scrutiny.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality complaints are the main calls we get in the spring and fall as building occupants adjust to the seasons in Alberta (ie Winter and Construction).  Optimizing your indoor air quality can have a big affect on staff comfort and productivity. 

Most IAQ issues can be resolved by conducting a baseline parameter assessment which includes, Temperature, Relative Humidity, CO, CO2, TVOCs and Particulates.  More complex issues may require additional sampling for mold or other contaminants. 

Indoor Air Quality changes as the seasons change.

If less than 10% of the building occupants are experiencing issues, its likely a sensitivity issue NOT a building issue

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